Nowadays, in the ever-enlarging world of photography, a new sensation has risen; photography drones. These are, to put it simply, mini helicopters or quad copters in which you can attach a camera and take pictures and videos. Some even have inbuilt cameras. The benefit of this is that you can shoot pictures or videos in an aerial view or of places where you can’t reach. This has made home filmmaking extremely easy.
But while all these things seem amazing, photography drones are quite expensive, and with good reason too. Here are top five reasons why photography drones are expensive or click here to see the most expensive drones ever.

1 – Quality

On the internet, many things are a scam and the same goes for drones, if you open up Google, you are sure to find at least one or two companies selling drones for a low price. However, don’t get fooled. While these drones may look like real ones, they are not. The ones with inbuilt cameras usually use a very low-quality camera, which do not take clear pictures. The ones that don’t use a camera are usually built up of low-quality material and break very easily. But this does not mean that expensive drones are the best. It just means that they usually have good quality which will last you for ages, if used properly.

2 – Features

You will find that more expensive the drone is, the more features it has. Extra features like HD quality lens, GPS service, built-in video editors, higher resolution etc. While these may seem useless at the moment, when you get more into it, you will realize the importance of these features. Features like HD quality can seriously impact your final product.

3 – Weight

While you can get a reasonably priced drone, do you think that it can lift your high quality, extra weighty, digital camera? Probably not. Another important factor for selecting a drone is the amount of weight it can lift and after that, fly with. If you have a very heavy cinematic camera then you need to find a drone which can lift it and use it to its fullest potential. And if you need that kind of drone, it is not going to come cheaply.

4 – Camera type

If you want to buy a drone with inbuilt camera, then you probably want one which can take good pictures and last long, have a great quality and extra features. The selection of the camera ( if choosing a drone with inbuilt camera ), plays an important role in your photo. It can make or break your video or picture. So you probably want a good one. Unfortunately, good quality cameras that are cheap, are hard to get and that is another reason why drones with inbuilt cameras are expensive.

5 – Design and comfort

Cheap drones usually are usually very hard to operate, sometimes they are too large for their own good and sometimes they are hard to fly and you have to keep running after them to prevent them from falling and breaking. However,high-qualityy drones made in well known companies are experimented on until they are designed to be easy to use and are shaped in a way which gives the user the ability to fly them comfortably. And while this may look unimportant, if you are planning on a long term use of drones then this thing counts.

If you are very interested in filming and photography and really want to have a photography drone, then you might want to consider ones that are bit expensive. The above mentioned things play a very important part in the selection of a drone. They are very necessary for a perfect video or photo. But in the end, it is your decision to make. Weather you want to buy and expensive one or not is completely up to you.


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